Integrating PayPal and SquareUp

First you will need to head on over to Square Up website and create an account for your business. It’s super easy to do and available for all customers in UK, US, Canada, Australia and Japan.

A quick addition to this thread with the steps to obtain your API application information and connect with your EMP account.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Developer Dashboard.
  3. Click on + New Application.
  4. Name the application and click on Create Application > It will auto-generate the information needed for integration.
  5. Paste your Application ID and Access Token into the EMP settings and turn on the ‘


If you want to see the official documentation from SquareUp website with description for each credential take a look at this documentation: Square API Access Tokens.

At the moment, SquareUp for accepting credit card payments is only available for countries UK, US, Canada, Australia and Japan.

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