Following Up Your Leads By Phone

In this video I will show you how to use EMP to follow up with your leads by phone & email.

In Event Master Pro, following up with customers is organized in a logical order that makes managing and following up events a breeze. Each event has an an event status and follow up filter (sub status), quickly informing you at which phase of the sales life cycle your event is at.

The Follow Up Process
Upon completing the EMP enquiry form via your website, prospects receive an automatic and customized email quote and then go onto a call list for you to follow up by phone. EMP lets you leave detailed notes about each interaction, so that on your next call, even if it’s weeks or months after, you will impress the customer with relevant info, always picking up right where you left off. Future follow up dates are set which will then become visible on the EMP dashboard in the Follow Ups list when they become valid. This way you constantly stay on top of all your client communications.

( Follow Up List, found on the EMP dashboard )
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