Introduction (EMP Guided Tour)

This is the first welcome video and guided tour of Event Master Pro where we try to sum up (almost) everything in one video. There’s actually a lot of information to cover so I brush over everything to get you started, but you’ll still need to go and customize Event Master Pro for your business (under 30 minutes) which we will cover in another video.
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Hello. This is a great app. I’m currently testing it and I have some questions 1. Can I customized the quote/invoice with the colors and logo of my choice? 2. For equipment & services is there a way to select quantity? For example moving lights go into pairs, but what if a customer wants more, like 2 or 3 pairs and in some cases I use more speakers and subwoofers. The same applies to other equipment. 3. Is there a way to embed the client login into my website to be consistent? 4. Can I delete bookings and other events… Read more »

Hi Nicos, Thanks for your comment and questions, I’ll try to answer them best as I can. 1. You cannot customize the invoice design, as when it is made up as a PDF it has a pre-made design. It does insert your business name and business number. Adding the logo to the invoice is something on our to do list, we can have that feature easily implemented. Expect this to be done by end of June 2020. 2. With equipment and services, there is not actually a way to select quantity. However that is another thing we can put on… Read more »

Thank you for getting back to me. Regarding the items 1 and 2 I can wait until implemented in June. But for 1 it would be nice to be able to at least change the colors to match the overall theme of the website, flyers, and business cards. If not possible, make it black and white and only have the logo colored. Just a thought.

Thank you

Hi Nicos, We can definitely look at adding colour customization and logo to the invoice in the near future. That’s an easy update. Quantity for equipment/services we will also put on the list to do asap but we are currently working on other updates to be ready by end of June which will include language dialect settings, customer booking form contract, and allowing more than just 1 DJ/Performer assigned to an event. If you need any further assistance or would like a video explainer for anything in particular let me know as we are still putting them altogether for this… Read more »

Hello again. I?m thinking to use this app. I?m happy with it.
There are couple of thinks I need to look at.
1. In the email templates the {Full_name} does not work.
2. Is there a way to apply discount on the final price? I have few cases that I need to offer discount. I prefer to show the full amount, the discount, and then the final price. This is important.

Thank you

Hi Nicos, I had tried to call your phone but it rang out. 1. To do the full name you will need to use {FIRSTNAME} {LASTNAME}. In the near future we will have universal short codes which will be visible on the email template editor. 2. We don’t have a way to display a discount at the moment but I can definitely put it on the list of to dos. We are just about to add the last update you requested which is to put the business logo on the invoice and give you a choice of an accent colour… Read more »

Hi Nicos, we would like to inform you that we have full filled your request about the invoice logo and colour. You can now adjust them settings in ‘Business Profile’. Equipment quantity for extra services update will come next month.


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Introduction In this guide we will show you how to setup Google Calendar sync step by step. We apologize for the number of steps involved

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